Academics at CFSEU

Southeastern University is committed to equipping students to discover and develop their divine design to serve Christ and the world through Spirit-empowered life, learning and leadership.


Students will be required to carry a full academic course-load (12 credit hours) per semester to remain in the CFSEU program.  Each semester is divided into two sessions (A and B).  Two courses will be completed during session A and two more courses will be completed during session B, totaling four courses for the semester (generally 3-credit hours each) accounting for the 12 academic credit hours each semester.  Additionally, all full-time students will participate in 3 credit hours (provided free of charge) of practical hands-on ministry training each semester, roughly ten hours each week.  Therefore, students will accumulate a grand total of 15 credit hours per semester.  Courses will be taught face-to-face on campus to the extent possible.

Courses Offered On-Campus Fall 2017-2018
Session A
  • COMM 1433 Fundamentals of Speech (3 credits)
  • ENGL 2133 Introduction to Literature (3 credits)
  • PSYC 1133 Introduction to Psychology (3 credits)
  • SEU 1001 Student Success (1 credit)
  • THEO 1503 Christ, Culture & the University (3 credits)
  • THEO 2133 Theology of God & Humanity (3 credits)
Session B
  • BIBL 2623 Biblical Hermeneutics
  • BIOT 1133 Old Testament Survey (3 credits)
  • ENGL 1133 English Composition I
  • PSYC 2233 Marriage and Family
  • THEO 2003 Principles of Ethics

Courses Offered On-Campus Spring 2017-2018
Session A
  • ENGL English Composition II
  • HIST 2013 American History I
  • NSCI Life Science Lecture/Lab
  • PMIN 2123 Christian Spirituality
  • THEO 1313 Survey of Christian Theology
  • THEO 3133 Theology of Salvation, the Church & Eschatology
Session B
  • BINT 1233 New Testament Survey
  • BUSI 1903 Personal Financial Stewardship
  • ENGL 2233 Introduction to Humanities
  • MATH 1313 Topics in Math
  • PMIN 3133 Homiletics I
  • PMIN 4043 Holistic Disciplemaking
First Year Experience

Ministry Practicum

At CFSEU, we believe hands-on, practical training is a crucial part of your education.  You will have the opportunity to serve in a ministry area you're passionate about, with an experienced ministry leader.  To help mature you as a servant leader, we will provide a training ground for you to fulfill the call on your life.  You will participate in a three-credit practicum each semester as part of your education.

Students will fulfill their practicum requirements when they do the following:

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