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You are just a few short steps away from pursuing your calling as an undergraduate student at CFSEU.  Follow the guide below to complete the process.

1- Connect

Connect with our Site Director, Teresa Blakeney, to have your questions answered. or 561-776-3390.

2- Apply Online

There is no application fee to apply and the process should only take a few minutes of your time.
Apply now.

3- Admission Checklist

This will be emailed to you by your SEU Admissions Counselor after you have applied, explaining your next steps.

4- Financial Aid

As a regional site, CFSEU students enjoy deeply discounted program pricing.
Learn more.

Dual Enrollment

Dual enrollment is an opportunity for local high school students to earn college credit in a Christ-centered university setting while also completing their high school requirements.

Program Overview

  • Tuition is discounted to $50 per credit hour.
  • You must be a high school junior or senior, be at least 16 years old, and have a high school GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • All face-to-face classes offered at CFSEU can be taken.
  • Up to 2 courses per semester (6 credit hours per semester).

How to get started

  1. Apply online ensuring you select the dual enrollment option.
  2. Connect with Teresa Blakeney at or 561-776-3390 to select classes.
  3. Check your email for your class assignments.
  4. Purchase your books.
  5. Pay your tuition fees.
  6. Start your classes!

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